TWICO for 2 – 3 machines

(washing machines, tumble-drier, solarium, shower etc.)

  • The combination of time control / time sale (e.g. 0,50 EUR for 20 min. drying) and program control / flat rate (e.g. fixed price of 2,00 EUR for 1x washing) is selectable per machine

  • LED-lamps directly above each push button for the status readout:

    • Green: machine is free
    • Red: machine is busy

  • In case of service sale:
    variable input to catch a machine-end signal

  • In case of time sale:
    Additional paying is possible

  • LCD Display (2 lines) for read out and user-guidance dialog

  • Single cash balance counter per machine (not deleteable)

  • For encashing the total cash balance counter is deleteable

  • Plug clamp for device connection

  • Electronical multi-coin-acceptor for EURO coins (0,10 - 2,00), in case you need others please to not hestitate to ask us.

  • Optional: Temporary-Switch-On (circuits runs ~ 20 sec. without coin entry isolate)

  • Optional: start- / stop operations (time lapse afresh proceed / stop)

Technical Data


Elektrical connection

110 - 250V 50/60Hz, 15W

    • 3 mm very robust security casing, industrial varnish (structured)
    • Lock for a double bit key with 7 bolts and 4 lock bolts
    • LCD display, illuminated, vandalism-protected
    • Electronic multi-coin-acceptor
    • Single push buttons, status readout of the cuírcuit by two coloured LED
    • Electronics is flexibly adjustable
    • Optional: Combination of coin acceptor and contact less card system
    • Optional "Outdoor enlargement": Enlarged temperature and humit range
    • Cable entry point: bottom and head.

      Product data sheet (pdf)

    Switch relay

    per circuit, 230V AC, 2x 8A (16A)
    (dry switch)

    Input per circuit

    230V AC,unencumbered, decoupled

    Elapsed time

    per circuit 1 sec. up to 24 hrs maximum

    Pay scale

    adjustable per circuit
    0,10 EUR up to 300 EUR


    H:260 x W:340 x D:240 mm


    19 kgs

    Technical subject to alternations. Quality made in Germany.

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    Phone: +49 89 / 856 99 733
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