VOGA C101     Coin and Time Meter

Coin Acceptor / Species

  • Precision-coin-acceptor for Euro and international coins resp. token coins

Time setting(per service)

  • changeable with switch
  • Enlargement possible (up to 9 services)

Pay-Scale (per service)

  • changeable with switch

Collection Control

  •  6-Digit continues coin counter

Device connnection

  • No additional control line or socket
  • Simply connect power suply and consumer


  • Temporary switch on (TSO)
  • Electronics is apppropriate for 12/24V AC
  • Dry switch contact
  • Out-Door-Option
  • Mechanical double-coin-acceptor
  • Water meter: selling water units
  • Electricity meter: selling electrical power units
  • Simulaneously Barrel locks

By the means of the versy solid constructed
we have achived an unmatched burglary
protection for his class.

Technical Data


Elektrical connection

230V AC 50Hz(60Hz), 16A

    • shapelier, two-part, very robust, steel casing, powder-coated
    • All side welded edges
    • Security lock with 7 bolts, 2 Keys
    • One-digit display for the readout of balanced services
    • Time + tarif changeablewith the switch in the unit
    • the casing has only small cuts
    • Cash box is not visible
    • 4-point fastening of wall panel
    • 6-digit coin counter
    • Precision coin acceptor
    • Cable entry point: bottom and rear panel

      Product data sheet (pdf)

    Switch relay

    single ended 230V AC, 16A,
    cos phi 1, L1 switching

    Elapsed time

    1 min. up to 255 min

    Pay scale

    1 up to 7 coins


    H:310 x W:162 x D:150-170 mm


    2(4)mm steel




    approx. 6,5 kgs

    Cash box

    for approx 150 coins (0,50 €)

    Technical subject to alternations. Quality made in Germany.

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